Prague: A Bird’s Eye View

Within the Prague Castle is St. Vitus Cathedral. It’s a Roman Catholic church and the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. It’s also a solid example of gothic architecture. Inside are the tombs of several Bohemian Kings (Czech royalty) and Holy Roman Emperors.

But you can wikipedia all of that.

Our favorite part about the St. Vitus Cathedral was actually the South Tower. For about $6.50 (150 CZK), you can purchase a ticket to climb the 287 steps up the Great South Tower. This exertion is easily rewarded by some of the best views you will have of Prague.


It is absolutely breathtaking to overlook the Vltava river and its many picturesque bridges. The red tile roofs throughout the city also add a touch of magic and fairytale-like quality to the views.

On the day we went up (and up, and up) those stairs, the weather had been rather rainy and dreary. But just as we reached the top, some of the clouds cleared to reveal blue skies. Half the city was in shadow, and the other half in light. It was awesome.

So, if you ever find yourself in Prague and within Prague Castle, and are motivated enough to do a minor trek up a few hundred steps, then we definitely recommend doing this.

Mild warning though: the stairs also go around and around and around the tower. So do take breaks and try not to get too dizzy!



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